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Double divorce case challenges the law

June 11 2015

Dr Amanda Loumansky gives her account of the divorce case of Sharland vs Sharland and asks what it means for divorce law in the UK

Copyright J Stassen. From Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda.

Human rights violations and graphic novels

June 05 2015

Dr David Keane takes a look at graphic novels as accounts of legal issues and human rights abuses

Jonathan Kos-Read Creative Commons 2.0

Supporting offenders who are also victims

May 29 2015

Associate Professor in Criminology Dr David Porteous looks at issues affecting youth offenders who have also been victims of crime or abuse

Gay Rights are Human Rights - ep_jhu

Freedom of religion vs LGBT equality

May 12 2015

Dr Erica Howard and Dr Alice Donald discuss recent conflicts between religious and LGBT rights, and conclude mediation may be more fruitful than litigation in resolving such disputes

Ed Miliband photoshopped to look like Marlon Brandon (

Does it matter that Ed Miliband looks weird?

April 28 2015

Lecturer in Public Relations and Media Martin McGrath examines the effect of political campaigns focusing on personal attacks, and asks whether such tactics appeal to today’s voters

Charlie Hebdo

Freedom of expression and French cartoons

April 15 2015

Dr David Keane and Professor Laurent Pech discuss the impact of the Charlie Hebdo attack on the future of the French cartoon industry

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