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Radicalisation in the digital age

February 04 2016

As extremist groups continue to rely on cyberspace to recruit as many like-minded individuals as possible, Jeffrey DeMarco explains the exclusive and isolating discourse of the radicalisation process

An unusual case

December 02 2015

Associate Professor of Law Dr Helena Wray discusses a case over the requirement for spouses coming to the UK to pass a basic English test

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Murder and disappearances in Mexico

October 24 2015

Associate Professor of International Law Dr Elvira Dominguez-Redondo discusses research on the plight of human rights campaigners in Mexico, where many are risking their lives by speaking out

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Closing the implementation gap in human rights

October 21 2015

Senior Lecturer in Law Dr Alice Donald is researching the lack of action by many EU member states in response to human rights judgements

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The power of the Court

October 19 2015

Senior Lecturer in Law Dr Amanda Loumansky examines two recent divorce cases which highlight the effectiveness of court judgements against those seeking to hide their assets from spouses

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Building better youth-police relationships

September 16 2015

Research Fellow Jeffrey DeMarco presents findings from his recent research into relationships between adolescents and police in the UK

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‘Collateral damage’ and indirect discrimination

September 14 2015

Associate Professor in Law Dr Erica Howard examines the effect of indirect discrimination, particularly relating to the Roma people in Bulgaria

European Court of Human Rights

It’s time to change the tune about Strasbourg

August 24 2015

Senior Lecturer in Law Dr Alice Donald debates whether the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is really eroding the power of UK politicians seeking to combat crime

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Cecil the lion and the trophy hunting conundrum

July 30 2015

Senior Lecturer in Criminology Dr Angus Nurse explores the realities of legal trophy hunting and how it feeds into the illegal killing of rare animals

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Social media and youth political engagement

July 01 2015

Dr Rodolfo Leyva examines the impact of social media on the political engagement of today’s youth

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