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A close-up on an abstract design of a display, which is warning about a cyber attack. Multiple rows of hexadecimal code are interrupted by red glowing warnings and single character exclamation marks.

Iran’s cyber ‘revenge’: it’s not if, but when

January 07 2020

Dr Mahdi Aiash writes about the potential cyber backlash the West may face following the US military airstrike of January 2020.

The Chip Exploit: Is it the tip of an iceberg?

January 10 2018

Dr Mahdi Aiash explains how new vulnerabilities in computer processors should change the way we protect our devices

WannaCry: The Story and Lessons

May 17 2017

How did the WannaCry ransomware do such widespread damage? Dr Mahdi Aiash explains.

When’s a toothbrush not just a toothbrush?

January 17 2017

Director of Forensic Psychological Services Professor Joanna Adler discusses parenting in a digital future

Image: EPA/Georgi Licovski

Can AI help combat fake news?

November 22 2016

Former BBC reporter and Professor of Journalism Kurt Barling explores whether technology can help us determine the truth

News from the computational lab – now what?

May 20 2016

Dr Giuseppe Primiero discusses the significance of computational experiments

Photo by Tony Alter (Creative Commons 2.0)

The shape of things to come

April 01 2016

Dr Mariachiara Di Cesare discusses the serious risks posed by global obesity

Andrew_Writer (Creative Commons 2.0)

Grown-up conversations

February 23 2016

Drs Joanna Adler and Miranda Horvath discuss the effect that access to digital sexual content has on children and young people

A Great Black-backed Gull predating a Kittiwake nest (Photo: Tom Dickins, 2015)

Urban gulls: researching ‘public enemy #1’

February 11 2016

Dr Tom Dickins discusses the differences in gull populations across the UK and his current project on the urban gull population in the City of Bath

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