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Kalasha woman wearing beaded necklace.

Crafting resilience: The practices of making in the COVID-19 lockdown

March 08 2021

MDX Post-doctoral research fellow Dr Zahra Hussain analyses the experiences of craftswomen in South Asia during lockdown, part of the Culture and Conflict project at the LSE-based Gender, Justice and Security hub.

Michela dancing in her kitchen

Exploring the impact of dance

November 10 2020

Michela Vecchi, an Associate Professor of Economics at MDX, is leading a team of researchers to explore the potential effects of dance on wellbeing and on our professional life across cultures.

Dance teacher at MDX in a stretched pose

Dance, cognition and ageing

February 28 2020

Dr Michela Vecchi, our Associate Professor of Economics, and dancer, discusses the physical and more importantly mental improvements dancing can bring.

Has street art lost its street cred?

March 19 2018

Dr Susan Hansen discusses the evolving significance of street art ahead of an ICA symposium

Cultural Democracy

January 04 2018

Dr Loraine Leeson explains why cultural democracy is a vital part of a vibrant society in which everyone is able to contribute creatively

Why arts education is vital

December 15 2016

Professor Kurt Barling reflects on the life and work of his late cousin Keith Church, whose work is being showcased at Goldsmiths University

Art on the streets

September 29 2016

Susan Hansen and Phil Healey explore the issues behind their forthcoming symposium on creative responses to the urban environment

Photo by Raul Gonzalez (CC 2.0)

Capturing chronic illness in pencil and pen

August 09 2016

Stephen Mumberson explains how his ‘New Body’ drawings depict the experience of living with a chronic illness

J.M.W Turner Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps 1812 © Tate Photography

A fresh perspective on writing about art

July 08 2015

Professor of Architectural History and Theory Dana Arnold says it’s time to change the way we write about art and make art theory accessible to all

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