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Photo by JogiBaer2 (CC BY 2.0)

Brexit negotiations explained in Post-its

March 31 2017

Sticky Tricky Law founder Dr Joelle Grogan outlines what is ahead for David Davis and Michel Barnier

Photo by JogiBaer2 (CC BY 2.0)

The House of Lords explained in Post-its

March 03 2017

Sticky Tricky Law founder Dr Joelle Grogan on the defeat of the government’s Brexit Bill

William Schabas TEDx talk

Human rights in 2066

January 25 2017

Professor William Schabas looks to the future in his TEDxZurich talk

Photo by JogiBaer2 (CC BY 2.0)

Article 50 explained in Post-it notes

January 24 2017

Dr Joelle Grogan and Georgia Price explain the triggering of Article 50 through the medium of post-its

UN Flag - Photo by Ben Salter (CC BY-SA 2.0)

International human rights law: towards convergence?

December 06 2016

Dr Alice Donald explores the challenges posed by the co-existence of multiple regional and international human rights bodies

Henry VIII - Photo by Hans Holbein

Rights on the chopping block

November 30 2016

Dr Joelle Grogan on the Great Repeal Bill and the ghost of Henry VIII

France’s ‘invisible’ minorities

November 14 2016

Dr David Keane and Jeremie Gilbert of the University of East London examine the rights of minorities under French law

10 questions about free movement

November 09 2016

Professor Laurent Pech and Dr Charlotte O’Brien from York Law School lay out the facts about free movement in the European Union


Religious freedom v LGBT equality: ‘gay cake’ case

October 24 2016

After a bakery is deemed to have discriminated by refusing to make a pro-gay marriage cake, Dr Erica Howard gives her assessment of the verdict.

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Human rights, human wrongs

October 17 2016

Dr Sarah Bradshaw introduces a new human rights MOOC she has introduced with Professor Joshua Castellino

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