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The future of driving is here

January 11 2016

Associate Professor Dr Glenford Mapp theorises on the advent of fully automated road vehicles and how they will make a difference to our lives

Alan Turing (image by parameter_bond, Creative Commons 2.0)

Of men and machines (doing mathematics)

October 05 2015

Senior Lecturer in Computing Science Dr Giuseppe Primiero highlights the importance of mathematics and theory to the future of computer science

A woman looking at a computer screen in the dark

Is online violence towards women being ignored?

July 06 2015

Amid rising rates of violence against women, PhD candidate Ellouise Long considers the impact of online abuse

The Twitter logo is posted into a ballot pox

General Election 2015: what Twitter tells us

May 06 2015

Dr Balbir Barn, Dr Giuseppe Primiero and Dr Franco Raimondi have been researching tweets relating to the 2015 election to determine whether social media can help predict political outcomes

A woman dresses manequins wearing the dress following the image going viral.

The Dress: did genetics almost break the internet?

April 02 2015

Which colour is it? Genetics could play a part in what we see

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Delighted at the announcement of our academic's @ErminiaColucci's new research.

MDX Uni Research @MDXminds

Last Sunday, 800 candidates stood for 111 seats in Iraqi Kurdistan's parliamentary election. Both major parties say…

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Published MDX research reveals that #Airbnb distribution depends on who lives there, not distance to city centre.

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