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A brief history of asset and liability management

February 16 2016

Dr Edward Bace defines ALM as a process dealing with interest rate risk management, whether it is applied to banks, insurers, pensions or other enterprises

Islamic Finance: a viable alternative?

February 05 2016

Dr Edward Bace discusses the core principles of Islamic Finance, which was first launched over forty years ago

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The migration paradox

February 02 2016

Dr Hanna Danilovich discusses the issues faced by workers traversing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

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Multilateral approaches to confronting debt

January 27 2016

Dr Daniel Ozorow analyses the Argentinian economy and suggests five proposals for multilateral debt relief

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Why Africa’s informal economy should be heard

January 22 2016

Professor Terence Jackson explores the ways in which Africa’s informal economy reacts to a globalised world

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VW: technik unsprung

October 15 2015

Professor of HRM Chris Mabey discusses the moral responsibilities of tomorrow’s business leaders in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal

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On avoidance and denial

July 09 2015

Research Fellow Roger Kline comments on findings of bullying and harassment in the NHS, and reveals a lack of action being taken to combat unfair pressure on staff

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A case for the Living Wage

June 22 2015

Dr Andrea Werner explores the challenges facing companies adopting the Living Wage, and explains why it’s so important

The privatisation of mental health

The privatisation of mental health

June 19 2015

Dr Elizabeth Cotton examines why mental health workers are among the most stressed employees in society

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Addressing race discrimination within the NHS

June 04 2015

Research Fellow Roger Kline examines research on discrimination within the NHS and explains how a bullying culture is harming patients

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