January 24 2017

Article 50 explained in Post-it notes

Today (24 January 2017) the Supreme Court ruled that, in order for Brexit to begin, Parliament must vote to trigger Article 50. But what exactly is ‘Article 50’ and why is this decision so significant?

Lecturer in EU law Dr Joelle Grogan and her colleague Georgia Price, Department and Programme Administrator in the School of Law, explain with the aid of Post-its.

Article 50 Dr Joelle Grogan


Post-it photo by JogiBaer2 (CC BY 2.0).

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Lorren Price Rea (27/01/2017 11:34:42)

This is brilliant!


Invisible Mikey (24/01/2017 13:45:34)

Reblogged this on Invisible Mikey and commented: I'm well-versed in American government, but not as familiar with UK law. I was confused about the mechanics of "Brexit". This simplification improved my understanding.


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